cstr process

CSTR Process

Continuous stirred tank reactor(CSTR) is a kind of microbes fermentation raw material and in a state of completely mixed anaerobic treatment technology.

The fermentation of the material liquid and the production of biogas are completed in a closed tank. A stirring device is installed in the digester to make the fermentation raw materials and microorganisms in a completely mixed state. The feeding method adopts constant temperature continuous feeding or semi-continuous feeding operation. The newly entered raw materials are quickly mixed with all the fermentation broth strains in the fermentor due to the stirring effect, so that the concentration of the fermentation substrate is always kept relatively low.

The CSTR process can handle raw materials with high suspended solids content. The material in the digester is evenly distributed, avoiding the layered state, and increasing the chance of contact between the material and microorganisms. The company's national patent technology "Internal Circulation Scum Breaking and Stirring System" makes the organic suspended matter on the liquid surface circulate to the lower part of the reactor and gradually complete the reaction, avoiding the "capping phenomenon" on the liquid surface of the reactor. The waste heat generated by the biogas power generation is used to heat the heat preservation and heating system outside the reactor, which greatly improves the gas production rate and investment utilization rate, and at the same time makes the reactor work normally all year round. The process occupies a small area and has low cost, and is currently one of the most advanced anaerobic reactors in the world.

Advantages of CSTR Process

Treatment of wastewater with high solid content

Large wastewater treatment capacity

Easy to manage

Easy to start

Applications of CSTR Process

uasb process

Aquaculture Wastewater

uasb process

Biomass Energy

uasb process

Kitchen Waste