industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

ZZTANK provides customers with industrial wastewater projects design, construction services, adopting the most advanced concept of industrial wastewater treatment, closely combining wastewater treatment and enterprise production. The optimal wastewater treatment solutions are used to improve the effect of wastewater treatment and reduce project operation costs.

ZZTANK has rich experience in the field of industrial wastewater treatment. It not only ensures that the effluent quality of industrial wastewater meets customers' requirements but also satisfies customers in terms of operation cost, project investment, floor space, and so on. The stable technical level and excellent service have been highly recognized by customers.

We advocate the application of technology to recycle the organic matter in wastewater for the production of biogas energy, promote the development and utilization of green energy, bring economic benefits to enterprises at the same time, in line with the sustainable development strategy.

Wastewater Technologies

We analyze and identify each customer's wastewater treatment needs to provide the best wastewater treatment process.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

ZZTANK has the application knowledge and expertise to provide process optimization services and advanced, sustainable industrial wastewater treatment solutions for industry company, including

Palm oil wastewater

Dairy wastewater

Food processing wastewater

Beverage wastewater

Pharmaceutical wastewater

Slaughterhouse wastewater

Pulp mill wastewater

Starch wastewater

Textile wastewater