municipal wastewater treatment

Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment

ZZTANK provides engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance and other comprehensive services for municipal water industry. The company has a strong r & D, design team, and mature project construction and operation experience, can provide custom solutions for drinking water, fire water, municipal sewage treatment project.

According to the collection mode and water quality characteristics of urban sewage, combined with the characteristics of Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank, we have respectively introduced the treatment equipment suitable for the integrated treatment mode of urban and rural areas, relatively centralized treatment mode, separate decentralized treatment mode, in order to be suitable for the treatment of different water volumes. Modular production and field assembly have the advantages of low cost, short construction cycle, convenient maintenance, neat and beautiful project, etc.

Wastewater Technologies

Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

ZZTANK has the application knowledge and expertise to provide process optimization services and advanced, sustainable water treatment solutions for municipal clients, including

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Drinking water

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Fire water

uasb process

Municipal Wastewater Treatment