New Energy Model - Organic Waste Turns Into Biogas

Previously, China's National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other departments jointly issued the "Guidelines on Promoting the Industrialization of Bio-natural Gas". Annual production of biogas will exceed 10 billion cubic meters by 2025, the paper said. By 2030, the annual output of biological natural gas will exceed 20 billion cubic meters, accounting for a certain proportion of domestic natural gas output. The introduction of the guidelines for the orderly development of biological natural gas industry will play a positive role in promoting and promoting.


Bio-natural gas is a green, low-carbon, clean and renewable natural gas produced by anaerobic fermentation of livestock manure, crop straw, kitchen waste, urban household waste, industrial organic waste and other raw materials, and then purified. At the same time, in the production process of biological natural gas, there is also a "baby" -- organic fertilizer produced by biogas residue and slurry, which can reduce the dependence on chemical fertilizer, alleviate the phenomenon of soil consolidation, and help the development of ecological cycle.

With the development of biological gas industry speed, shijiazhuang center of science and technology development co., LTD., through the active exploration and innovation of recent years, developed a set of core patent technology, to life, and all kinds of industrial, farming and animal husbandry daily produce organic waste to conduct a comprehensive collection, recycling and environmental science processing, formed a unique "in the middle of science and technology model". With this technology, zhongzhong technology has built medium and large biological natural gas projects in many places across the country, with increasingly rich experience in operation.

Among them, Henan Zhengzhou Biogas Project makes full use of the value of urban organic waste to achieve sustainable development of urban environment and economy, which has been highly appraised and recognized by customers. Henan Zhengzhou Biogas Project takes urban garbage and animal excrement as raw materials, and after pretreatment, it is put into an anaerobic fermentation tank to ferment and produce biogas. Biogas after purification, purification and other processes, finally become natural gas. The biogas project in Zhengzhou, Henan has been completed and put into operation, bringing great benefits to the urban development and residents' life in Zhengzhou.

The development of biological natural gas is of great significance to our country. It can not only deal with organic waste on a large scale, but also protect the ecological environment. It can also increase the diversified supply of energy and achieve sustainable development. In the future, Zhongzhong Technology will further give play to its comprehensive advantages as a high-tech enterprise, and gradually build high-quality biological natural gas projects in more places, so as to provide replicable good samples for the comprehensive utilization of organic waste and boost the development of biological natural gas industry.

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