cstr process

Project References

We provide customized solutions for municipal water & wastewater, industrial wastewater, and biogas solutions worldwide, and we have realized projects in a wide range of industries.

Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment Project


In a farm wastewater treatment project, the UASB and A2/O processes are adopted to treat the pig waste, pigsty wastewater, and domestic sewage of the farm, and the treated water meets the local wastewater discharge standards.

Biogas Project


A 100kW biogas power project, we use the USR process to convert farm animal waste and washing wastewater into biogas.

Biogas Project


Biogas project in Henan Province. We complied with the whole project - from design to constructions.

Palm Oil wastewater Treatment Project


Palm Oil wastewater needs complex treatment prior to discharge according to local wastewater discharge regular, we use aerobic and anaerobic technologies to reduce BOD and COD.

Dairy Wastewater Treatment Project


Dairy wastewater treatment project, all storage tanks are used glass fused to steel tanks, which have low cost, short construction period, convenient maintenance, neat appearance.

Potable Water Projects


This potable water project uses an antibacterial Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank provided, with a diameter of 13.76 meters and a height of 3.6 meters, effectively solved the problems of mountain water for 2000 residents daily life.