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UASB Process

Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor (UASB Reactor) is an efficient Anaerobic bioreactor. During the operation of the reactor, the wastewater flows into the bottom of the reactor through uniform distribution of water, and the wastewater flows through the anaerobic sludge bed reactor from bottom to top.

UASB reactor integrates a bioreactor and sedimentation tank and is a compact anaerobic reactor. Its main components include an inlet water distribution system, reaction zone, three-phase separator, outlet system, gas chamber, scum collection system, sludge discharge system, etc.

The three-phase separator is an important equipment in the UASB reactor. It is generally located at the lower part of the precipitation zone, but sometimes it can also be placed on the top of the reactor. It consists of a precipitation zone, a reflux slot and a gas chamber. The main function of the three-phase separator is to separate the three phases of gas (biogas produced during the reaction), solid (sludge in the reactor) and liquid (treated wastewater). In order to ensure the normal operation of UASB, in addition to the need to cultivate high sedimentation and active granular sludge, the separation effect of the three-phase separator is also the key to the success of UASB. Its function is to introduce the biogas into the gas gathering chamber, the treated effluent into the water outlet area, and the solid particles into the reaction zone.

Advantages of UASB Process

Highly settled sludge particles

The reactor has a high volume load

The hydraulic residence time of the reactor was correspondingly shorter

It integrates biological reaction and precipitation separation, compact structure

No hysteresis setting filler, save the cost, increase the volume utilization ratio

No need to set up a stirring device and the updraft produced by the updraft and methane plays a starring role

The structure is simple and the operation is convenient

Applications of UASB Process

aquaculture wastewater

Aquaculture wastewater

brewing wastewater

Brewing wastewater

pharmaceutical wastewater

Pharmaceutical wastewater

landfill leachate

Landfill leachate