Zhengzhong Technology Shines at Two Major Environmental Expos, Leading the Modular Storage Industry with Technological Innovation

Recently, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. made a dazzling appearance at both the China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and the China Environmental Expo. Leveraging its deep industry expertise and outstanding innovative technology, Zhengzhong Technology showcased its cutting-edge technological achievements and advanced equipment, attracting widespread attention from domestic and international clients, industry experts, and media.

China International Environmental Protection Exhibition

China Environmental Expo

Core Technology, Innovation and Exploration

For many years, Zhengzhong Technology has been dedicated to the innovative research and development of water treatment technology. Through comprehensive and multi-faceted technological breakthroughs, the company has successfully addressed a series of bottleneck issues associated with traditional equipment, such as long construction periods, high construction difficulty, high costs, and short service life.

Tailoring solutions to meet the needs of various industries, the company has achieved significant application results in multiple fields, including drinking water, kitchen waste, landfill leachate, municipal sewage, biogas projects, livestock industry, and industrial wastewater. Zhengzhong Technology’s core technology and innovative strength were fully demonstrated at the expos, with the booth bustling with visitors and negotiators.

Leading the Way in Modular Storage

At the two major expos, the company showcased high-end environmental protection equipment such as enamel-assembled tanks, epoxy tanks, and aluminum dome roofs through project case studies. At the booth, the technical team used their professional business skills to provide detailed explanations and product displays, giving customers an in-depth introduction to the products’ outstanding performance and the company's comprehensive strength.

Notably, the newly developed epoxy tanks, designed to meet the diverse needs of the market and customers, garnered much attention at the expos. With their superior corrosion resistance and easy, quick installation, these epoxy tanks are widely used in many fields and have been widely recognized by the market upon their launch, further solidifying Zhengzhong Technology's leading position in the modular storage industry.

Standing on the stage of these grand industry exhibitions, Zhengzhong Technology showcased its ability and determination to lead the industry with its global vision and innovative strength. Looking to the future, Zhengzhong Technology will continue to drive technological innovation and product iteration, providing more professional and comprehensive storage solutions for global customers, aiming to become the world’s largest and most professional modular storage supplier, and contributing Zhengzhong's strength to the development of the environmental protection industry.